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The Devil Owns Downtown


The Devil Owns Downtown Series is a steamy, darkish romance about Lucifer and his mission to reunite with his reincarnated mate and remind her of the fierce demon queen she once was as well as the impassioned love affair they experienced together in the bowels of Hell. The story is heavily inspired by Paradise Lost and contained a splash of Greek mythology. HEA guaranteed at series end. 

Bound by Lucifer low res.jpg
Bound by Lucifer

The Devil Owns Downtown Book 1

Lucifer Morningstar isn’t your typical billionaire playboy with a Bentley and a bad attitude. He’s sinfully handsome, sex on a stick, sell your soul gorgeous. Oh yeah, and he’s the literal devil.

I have a hard rule about letting Satan in my pants. But when he makes a deal I can’t refuse, I find out he’s my mate and lover from a life long passed. What ensues is a walk through memory lane as we travel through Hell itself, retracing one fucked-up love affair for the ages.

The moment her perfect ass struts into my club, I know she’s the one I’ve been looking for, the woman who helped me claw my way out of the Nine Circles of Hell all those years ago. The demon queen whose heart I stole. The one I lost.

I’ll do anything to get her back, even if it means forcing her to the Underworld to see all that we had built together. I need her to remember the life we shared, all the shit we’ve been through and above all, she needs to remember that she has and always will be mine.

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Marked by Lucifer low res.jpg
Marked by Lucifer

The Devil Owns Downtown Book 2

Friday morning I woke up, an exhausted nurse. Sunday morning, I woke up as the Queen of Hell.

With the memories of my old life returned, I am back in the arms of my devilishly handsome mate and king, Lucifer Morningstar.
But our love story has never been an easy one.
Now that I remember exactly who I am, I’m reminded of an old promise I made to myself.
Make Abaddon the Destroyer pay for what he did to me.
But he’s not the only one that stands between us and the happiness Lucifer and I deserve.
With the very heavens against us, we might have to knock down a few celestials to show them we’re not messing around. Including the Almighty himself.
Then maybe, just maybe, we can get our happy ending.

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Wedded to Lucifer low res.jpg
Wedded to Lucifer 

The Devil Owns Downtown Book 3

Blurb Coming Soon.

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