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Coven of Sin 


Coven of Sin is a dark reverse harem vampire romance with lots of bite.  The series is available in serial format (unedited, episodic installments) as well as fully edited eBook and paperback format. If you're interested in reading the serial version and getting the story earlier at the sacrifice of proper grammar and the inability to binge the story,  you can check that out on Amazon Vella, Radish, and Kiss. HEA guaranteed at series end. 

Triggers/Content Warnings:  Coven of Sin contains graphic sex, violence, and dark themes. Some contents may be triggering or disturbing to some including kidnapping, bullying, scenes depicting sexual trauma and emotional abuse, and horror elements.

Kinks/ fetishes include choke/breathe play, blood/bite play, light knife play, primal play, praising, claiming/marking, pain play (body modification), consensual non-consent (CNC), sharing, and bondage. Reader discretion is advised. 

Our Sins in Blood

Coven of Sin Book 1

Ever since I was little, I've been a prisoner.

They told me I was sickly, that going outside would kill me. But the truth comes out when I'm kidnapped by four dark, sinfully gorgeous vampire princes. Turns out, I am the biological daughter of their maker, the vampire king.

I am the heir to the throne. Me, the girl who hasn't danced in the rain or gone to prom or even been kissed.

But I can only take up the role on one condition. I have to choose one of the princes to be my mate and king.

The problem?

All four are vying for the throne and it's hard to say who wants me for my blood, my body, my love, or my birthright.

What ensues is a dark and dangerous game of seduction, secrets, and bloody love in the Coven of Sin.

Our Sins in Shadows

Coven of Sin Book 2

Not long ago, I made a vow. I’ll never be a victim ever again.

Captured by the enemy working to steal my throne, the Boston Coven thinks these cell bars I’m behind means they’ve won. They believe that I’m just some weak half-blood princess who barely knows how to be human, let alone rule the vampires. And just a few weeks ago, I would have agreed.

But my four vampire princes have taught me that I am strong.

Strong enough to rule the vampire kingdom as its first mortal queen.

Strong enough to claim all four of the Knight progeny as my mates and not only handle their ravenous hunger but revel in it.

They’ve also taught me I’m fragile. Not fragile like other mortals…

I’m fragile like a f*cking bomb.

Dagon Knight and his precious coven will kneel before me as their true queen. Otherwise, I’ll bring this whole damn place down to its foundation, and on the wreckage that remains of my enemies, I’ll dance.

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Our Sins in Silver

Coven of Sin Book 3

He’s coming for me.

The vampire king is coming for all of us.

He wants the princes dead for touching me... Well, except for one. Why? Because there’s a secret locked away in his eyes, a dark and sinister secret.

There are still so many mysteries needing to be solved. Where is my real mother? What really happened between her and my father? The answers lie in the mind of the vampire king’s oldest progeny. With the magical powers I’ve inherited, I just might be able to dive deep into the memories Sterling’s hidden even from himself...and uncover the truth once and for all.

War is coming. Blood must be spilled. People are going to get hurt.

The whopping question that remains now? If I manage to defeat my father and win his throne, will my princes be left standing unharmed by my side?

Or will I be made to choose between the survival of my kingdom and the lives of my mates?

Our Sins in Silver is the third installment in the adult why choose vampire romance series Coven of Sin and features high-heat scenes and dark themes. You can refer to the author’s website for a complete list of trigger warnings. *This book ends on a cliffhanger.

Coven of Sin - Book 4.png
Our Sins in Ashes

Coven of Sin Book 4

Blurb and cover reveal coming soon...

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