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Welcome to Sinner’s Sideshow, the most obscene, blood-pumping, skin-crawling creep show this side of Hell.


As a circus brat, show biz is in my blood. And as a half-succubus, I was made for Sinner’s Sideshow—the only circus made to entertain the most depraved of monsters.

When I’m plunged into a world of death, darkness, and corpse-ridden carnivals, I meet them…

The demonic ringmaster. A broody hellhound shifter. And the incubi clown twins.

Suddenly, I know why I’ve felt a strong pull to the demented circus for years. I wasn’t just made for Sinner’s Sideshow. I was made for Alistair, Daemon, Riff and Raff, too.

The problem? They don’t hire half-bloods. But I’ll do anything to secure a spot in the show.
Even if it means making deals with devils, adopting an entirely different kind of sword-swallowing act, and giving my heart, body and soul to the ringmaster and his twisted circus creeps.

*Circus Creeps is an MMFMM why choose demon/monster romance featuring dark themes and many triggers, including gore, murder, and graphic sexual content. Please check the book’s front matter for the full CW/TW list. *This book does end on a small cliffhanger.

Circus Creeps Signed Paperback (Sinner's Sideshow #1)

  • Language: ‎ English

    Pages: 328

    Type: Softcover/Paperback

    Dimensions: ‎ 5 x 0.26 x 8 inches

    Series: Sinner's Sideshow

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