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“Make no fucking mistake, little lamb. I’m not saving you. Either the Elder One eats you…or I do.”


With Titus’s father dead, we were supposed to leave the Pine Barrens and never look back. But with a cult hunting us through the woods and an ancient evil slowly rising from its slumber…
We’re damned.
Cult rituals, creepy forest spirits and late-night chases through the graveyard are nothing when I have the most dangerous monster in the woods for a stepbrother.
Either way, Titus and I are bound for Hell, so we might as well have some fun on the fall down…


*Step Devil 2 is a plot-light, stepbrother demon romance and the second installment in The Bishop Rituals duet. This novella features dark themes not suitable for all audiences. Please check inside the book for the content warning/trigger list.

Step Devil 2 Signed Paperback (The Bishop Rituals #2)

  • Language: ‎ English

    Pages: 114

    Type: Softcover/Paperback

    Dimensions: ‎ 5 x 0.26 x 8 inches

    Series: The Bishop Rituals

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