The Wyld Fae Series


The Wyld Fae Series is a steamy, paranormal fantasy romance featuring a reality-bending love triangle between an English housewife, her novelist husband, and the enigmatic and sultry fairy king. The story stretches over three full-length installments with an HEA guaranteed in the end. An additional stand-alone book featuring the fairy king's manservant is also available (for FREE if you sign up for my newsletter here.) As with all my books, this series contains strong language, some darker elements, and steamy scenes. 

Perfect for those who like forbidden romance, love triangles, and deliciously wicked fae. 
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A King so Wyld and Wicked

Wyld Fae Book 1

I've made a deal with the fae king... Now he's come to collect.

The year is 1914. I’ve just married my childhood sweetheart, Jackson James Wellington. With the wedding come and gone, I thought we would settle into a normal life together. But with the passing of Jack’s father and a novelist for a husband whose obsession with fairytales and myths borderlines insanity, married life is different than I expected it to be.

Then a strange illness fills my head with the most peculiar of dreams, and my life becomes anything but ordinary.

Now, I wonder if it is I who is the insane one.

I’m a level-headed woman, a proper and well-bred English lady. So why can’t I shake these fantastical and fevered dreams about the king of the fairies? The fae with heartbreaking beauty and words as soft as silk whispers to me in my sleep, making dark oaths in the dead of night, and I am not sure how much longer I can resist him.

And should I succumb to his lure, our forbidden romance will turn my world on its head, blurring the line between fantasy and reality.

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A Beast of Bones and Curses

Wyld Fae Book 2

Shattered vows, whispers of retribution, and a love forged in Heaven and Hell…

My life was perfect, living in the Yorkshire countryside with my husband and childhood sweetheart, Jackson James Wellington. But then, my world was flipped on its head, and I found myself in another, fantastical realm, worlds away from the quiet, idyllic English countryside.

Now, I’ve fallen in love with the fairy king, and he has made me his queen. With two lovers in two worlds, things are…complicated, especially with the child inside me growing each day.

The powerful magic coursing through my veins frightens me. My role as a human queen in the land of the fae shakes my confidence. And when a dark prophecy leaves me to question my future and that of my child, I’m forced to make a harrowing decision.

The future in both my lives is unsure. But one thing is certain.

Oaths will be forged. Vows will be shattered. Hearts will be broken. And darkness will ensue.

I pray, by some miracle, I’ll find the strength to survive the beast of bones and curses.

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A Dance with Men and Devils 

Wyld Fae Book 3

Hell is no place for a housewife. 

But these days, I’m no longer the prim and proper English lady I once was. I’m an enchantress. The human queen of the fae. A mother who had her child stolen, and will do anything to get her back.

Even if it means making a deal with the fearsome devil king.

His fiery gaze consumes me, telling me he wants more than my soul. But my possessive fairy king will go to war with the lord of death himself if it means keeping our newborn daughter and me safe.

Passions are high, and the stakes are higher in this dangerous dance of war and politics. And if I fail? I lose my family.

And I’ll become the devil’s property forever. 

The Fairy King's Manservant

A Wyld Fae Stand-Alone Novel 

How can I choose between duty and desire when the fate of the fairy realm hangs in the balance?

I’ve been in service to the fairy king for eight-hundred years. My job has it’s hurdles. Do everything my king bids. Protect the realm, eliminate threats. The king’s problems are my problems, but most of them can be solved with the blade of my sword and the cut of my tongue.

As a changeling, I have a reputation. No one dares trifle with the fairy king’s manservant. No one gets close. And that suits me just fine. My duty is to the king. Nothing else matters…

Until she came crashing into my life, another changeling with fire in her eyes and a tongue twice as sharp as mine.  She serves as a prophet, with the unique ability to see terrible things that have yet to happen.

She speaks of a changeling prince who will slay a great beast prophesied to slay us all. She’s convinced she must bear the changeling prince herself and that the fairy king, my master, must serve as the father.

So like a good manservant, I’ll escort her through hell. I’ll protect her and keep her safe so that she might lie with the king and birth the prince that will save us.

It’s just my luck, I don’t want to deliver her to the king. I want her to be mine.